About Duplicator Pro

Backup & Migrate WordPress Sites With Ease

View all your backups in one simple interface
The clean & simple package creation screen
Schedule an automated backup
Choose where your package is stored

Why Duplicator?

Duplicator Pro
Two wordsPreconfigured Sites.

If you install the same theme, plugins or content on all your WordPress sites then Duplicator can save you a lot of time. 

Instead of manually configuring the same themes and plugins over and over, just configure one site and bundle it into a Duplicator package. Install the package to create a pre-configured site on as many locations as you want!

Cloud Storage & API Options

Scheduled Backups

Back up your WordPress website now, or schedule it for later! Recover from failures within minutes.

Move WordPress Websites With Ease

Bundle your website into a package, copy package to new host/domain, & use the installer wizard. That's it!

Cloud Backups

Back up to Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Amazon S3 for safe storage.

Key Duplicator Pro Features

Multisite Support

Besides standard single sites, Duplicator Pro supports multisite network backup & migration. You can even install a subsite as a standalone site!

Large Site Support

The overhauled package engine is faster and works better with larger sites. 2GB+ on most budget hosts & 10GB+ on higher end hosts.

Backup Limits

Limit your number of stored backups so you don't fill up your cloud storage with previous backups.

Filter Data

Filter only the directories, files, extensions and database tables you want to backup.

Auto Database Creation

Easily select existing cPanel databases & users or create new ones without ever leaving the installer.

Overwrite Live Sites

Install your backed up or migrated site to an empty location or over an existing site - including one click WordPress sites for a mega-fast install!

Single File Packages

Duplicator Pro bundles your site into a single archive unlike other plugins that create lots of files that are hard to manage.

Large Database Support

The ability to manually import a SQL file means very large databases are now supported.

Email Notifications

Know immediately when Duplicator has issues with a backup, times out or needs some attention.

Advanced Options

Tons of advanced options to customize your WordPress backup and customize your install.

Tech Support That You Can Count On

Duplicator Pro Support

Duplicator Pro is backed by our excellent support service. We believe that success starts with satisfied customers. That means making sure that you are getting the most benefit you can out of our plugin. To do this, we provide access to online documentation and knowledgeable staff who can answer questions and assist with troubleshooting.

Contact us before you subscribe to learn more. We’ll be there after you become a customer as well. Our experts are available every step of the way